Specifications Developer

Pay Range: $100k-$130k/yr.


Provost & Pritchard is seeking a multidisciplined engineer that will work on updating and maintaining the company master specifications for projects that directly impact the viability and sustainability of the communities in the Central Valley. This position will work with different service sectors across the company and come up with creative and innovative solutions to revamp and streamline the use of the specifications for the company.

Duties include:

  • Review the existing master specifications and work with the staff to establish priorities and timelines for review and revision
  • Establish a framework for referencing other section, codes, standards, and information from external sources (e.g. geotechnical reports)
  • Coordinate with technical expertise in the company
  • Contact manufacturers for their technical information and submit specifications for comments
  • Be responsible for the technical information in the notes-to-specifier in each section
  • Utilize the specification templates format to write new master sections and work with administrative staff for final formatting
  • Review new specifications written by project staff as a quality assurance action to the project and to determine if they should be added to the list of master specifications
  • Work with staff to address comments submitted on the master specifications


  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering
  • 10 years’ experience with a variety of civil engineering projects, including design, plans and client deliverables
  • Strong multidisciplinary, technical background
  • Excellent technical writing skills
  • Extensive experience with preparing specifications for Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and/or Structural Engineering projects
  • Licensed Professional Engineer

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Senior, Principal


Any Office



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