Senior Wildlife Biologist


This position will cover existing projects, including field surveys and evaluations to support CEQA/NEPA documentation, pre-construction surveys, and ongoing consulting services.  Will also assist in securing additional work in this area.  The candidate will be working with the biology team on interesting and complex projects throughout California.


  • Overseeing biological permitting projects (e.g., Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, Coastal Act, others)
  • Managing and completing moderate- to large-sized projects
  • Mentoring assistant and associate level biological staff
  • Coordinating assignments, scopes, schedules, budgets, and deliverables
  • Technical direction to staff and subconsultants
  • Proposal writing and development of cost and schedule estimates
  • Acting as a primary point of contact for regulatory agencies
  • Identifying optimal permitting pathways for complex projects, and developing required technical studies and application materials
  • Complete permit applications (404, 401, 1602)
  • Conducting aquatic resources and wetland delineations, and other fieldwork necessary to complete biological documentation for projects
  • Preparing high-quality technical studies and environmental documents, including Biological Resource Assessments and Evaluations, biological CEQA/NEPA analyses, jurisdictional delineations, and permit application packages

Key Expectations:

  • Demonstrate success with research, analysis, and reporting
  • Self-starting, team-oriented professionals with excellent written and communication skills
  • Familiar with review and analysis of scientific data, maps, and drawings
  • Provide support in delivering high quality work products
  • Have established relationships with regulatory agency staff
  • Pursue and obtain new business opportunities by preparing effective technical proposals and take an active leadership role in the development of new business with new and existing clients



  • B.S. degree or higher in Biology or other directly related disciplines

Required Skills

    • Demonstrated experience with organizing, executing, and coordinating overall project assignments
    • Demonstrated experience and oversight with conducting general field biology assessments (often in adverse weather/terrain conditions) including, but not limited to, endangered species/habitat assessments, resource constraints analyses, sensitive species protocol surveys, wildlife identification, botanical identification and inventories, focused rare plant surveys, vegetation mapping, tree surveys, jurisdictional delineations, including permitting per USACE, RWQCB and CDFW requirements, environmental awareness training programs, pre-construction surveys, nesting bird surveys, construction monitoring,  GPS & GIS mapping, monitoring for the environmental compliance of large and small projects, including planning, implementation, and monitoring for habitat restoration
    • 5-7 years of technical writing (BRAs, BAs, NESs, biological sections of CEQA/NEPA documents or similar technical reports)
    • 7-10 years (full-time equivalent) of directly related professional experience (as noted in above two previous bullet points) in California-specific biology experience and California’s Central Valley-specific experience and with specific Central Valley special status species
    • Ability to coordinate with planning managers to gather and prepare material and data for planning documents

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Clovis, Visalia, or Bakersfield, CA



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