Project Description

Storm Drain Improvements

Provost & Pritchard provided land surveying and civil engineering design, bidding assistance and construction services for a storm drain improvement project for the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District. The project alleviated storm water ponding issues in Hughes Avenue, Olive Avenue and nearby local streets in the UU3 drainage area located in southwest Fresno. The project included approximately 3,500 feet of 18- to 48-inch reinforced concrete storm drain pipe, new storm drain inlets, manholes, and minor grading/pavement improvements to accommodate new storm drainage system design. Services provided by Provost & Pritchard also included coordination with PG&E, and the City of Fresno’s Departments of Public Utilities and Department of Public Works regarding existing utility locations and clearances, and trench resurfacing requirements.

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Since 1992


Fresno, California


Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District


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