Project Description

South and Highland Basin

This project started with the evaluation of 75-acre groundwater property for development as a groundwater banking facility. The feasibility study included subsurface geologic investigation, evaluation of source water supply availability, preliminary facility design alternatives, construction cost estimates, banking operation, cost/benefit analysis, baseline groundwater monitoring around the project, establishment of a well monitoring network, Phase I environmental assessment, biological/cultural studies, pilot basin infiltration testing, well pump testing, and identification of possible banking partners. As part of the study, the project team presented feasibility study information to the district’s Board of Directors, and conducted a neighboring landowner meeting. Provost & Pritchard was also responsible for preparation of an IRWM Implementation grant application for the project.  Following the preliminary phase, Provost & Pritchard designed the recharge basin.

The Provost & Pritchard construction team provided inspection services for a $1.8 million groundwater banking and recharge facility.  The project included 24-inch, 42-inch and 60-inch reinforced concrete pipe for irrigation water and earthwork to construct three basins on a 75-acre site.  The work also included a large cast in place concrete distribution structure and the construction of a pre-cast box culvert, cast in place concrete wing walls, and slope protection.

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Fowler, California


Consolidated Irrigation District


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