Project Description

City of Mendota Safe Routes to School Master Plan

The Safe Routes to School Master Plan is programmed with State-only funding through an Active Transportation Program (ATP) and prioritizes safety and aims to enhance the City of Mendota by identifying physical upgrades and safety programs that will transform Mendota schools and their surrounding areas with more modern and accessible transportation.

Through community feedback, data analysis, and on-site visits, our Planning team pinpointed the areas that need improvement and collaborated with the City to identify and craft solutions. They collected and analyzed a large variety of data: existing policies and programs, site conditions, collision stats, parent survey responses, and feedback from our outreach events. This large collection of information led to site audits at each school, which our team utilized to identify recommended improvements and programs for the final Plan. The final Plan includes implementation strategies and funding sources for future projects.

Project Details


July 9, 2023


Mendota, California


City of Mendota


Planning, Transportation