Project Description

Recharge Basin 11 – Feasibility Study and Design

In an average year for Laguna Irrigation District’s customers, surface water deliveries are insufficient to meet the total water demand of irrigated agriculture.  Landowners have been forced to pump groundwater to make up the difference.  Above average water years mean less groundwater pumping and surface water availability can exceed agronomic needs in some areas.  Floodwater capture accompanied by groundwater recharge is a common strategy to increase surface water usage and reduce stress on regional groundwater.  This project was developed to address groundwater overdraft and beneficially use floodwaters that might otherwise flow out of the region.

Provost & Pritchard staff prepared a feasibility report and final design for Laguna Irrigation District’s Recharge Basin 11 Project in Fresno County, California.  The project included a 52-acre site that was developed into a groundwater recharge basin.  The site was previously developed as farmland.  Kings River floodwaters are the primary water source recharged in the basin.  The conveyance capacity of Liberty Canal was improved to increase the quantity of water delivered to the site.

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Fresno County, California


Laguna Irrigation District


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