Project Description

Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment Proposed New Elementary School Site

Provost & Pritchard was retained by the Sanger Unified School District to prepared a draft Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA) for a proposed school site on a rural residence and farm property. This work incorporated Incremental Sampling Mythology (ISM) for former structural areas of the site including five operational units and over 300 ISM samples.  Potential chemicals of concern included organochlorine pesticides (OCP), termicides and select metals.  The draft PEA concluded that the reported chemical concentrations were not present at hazardous levels nor did they exceed health-risk based screening levels.  Consequently, a No Further Action determination was pursed from the Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC).  The draft PEA was made available for public review by the School District.  Once completed, the final PEA was submitted to DTSC for their approval.  The DTSC reviewed and approved the PEA.

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Sanger, California


Sanger Unified School District


Environmental Engineering