Project Description

PCE Remediation System Optimization & Groundwater Monitoring and Reporting in Downtown Turlock

The objective of this optimization project was to increase the rate of removal of perchloroethylene (PCE) contamination present in the groundwater from a number of former and active dry cleaners in the historic downtown of the City. Provost & Pritchard evaluated several alternatives to the existing air striper system. The goal was to maximize the volume of groundwater pumped and treated. The existing shallow tray air stripper was becoming unusable due to the precipitation of calcium from water due to the reduction of pH by the air stripper. The system was redesigned to utilize liquid phase activated carbon as a treatment alternative. This allowed the doubling of pumping rates and reduced O&M by City staff by 70%. Additional services included associated groundwater monitoring over a three-year period to assess the effectiveness of the remediation system by measuring concentrations of PCE, TCE, and other related breakdown chemicals within downtown Turlock.

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Turlock, California


City of Turlock


Groundwater Monitoring