Project Description

Potable Water System and Wastewater Collection System for Muir Woods National Monument

As a subconsultant to Holladay Engineering, Provost & Pritchard’s survey team provided survey services for the rehabilitation of the Muir Woods National Monument’s potable water system and wastewater collection system.  The rehabilitation project provided a reliable code-compliant water and wastewater services for the monument site.

Provost & Pritchard conducted a topographic survey of the road leading from the Visitor Center up to the existing tank site and along the existing water line alignment from the tank up the hill to the Marin Municipal Water District meter.  A topographic survey was also conducted along the existing sewer main alignment from the Visitor Center north to where the alignment tied back into the road.  Sewer manholes were also inspected for invert elevations of existing flowlines.  Survey control was established by turning off existing control established by a previous survey.  A total station was used to turn in new control and collect topographic data points.  The topographic survey located and identified buildings and floor elevations, roads, parking areas, walkways and trails, fences, utilities, drainage pipes and structures, trees and shrubbery, property lines, and other features.  The survey data was used as the baseline of existing conditions for the development of the water and wastewater rehabilitation design.

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Muir Woods National Monument, Marin County, California


National Park Service


Land Surveying