Project Description

High Sierra Camps Utilities Condition Assessment

Provost & Pritchard was retained through a joint project with the park and it’s concessionaire to complete comprehensive documentation and assessment of the utilities including solar power systems, water supplies, and wastewater system at each of the iconic historic six High Sierra Camps. The project team visited each of the camps and photographically document and recorded the condition and construction notes for over 1,000 individual pieces of data including pipe joints, electrical connections, building penetrations, changes of materials, maintenance needs and material condition. Much of the water and waste infrastructure has been poorly maintained and was in disrepair. The data was used to build a database with construction notes and linked photographs for each item noted with maintenance, and replacement or modification recommendations. The result of the assessment has become a critical resource for park management and is being used as the basis for sustainable designs, repairs, and rehabilitation. Each of the High Sierra camps is located in wilderness areas. This required special design recommendation that could be implemented with little or no mechanical transportation.

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Yosemite National Park,


Delaware North Corporation, Inc.



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