Project Description

Groundwater Monitoring

The City of Lindsay operates two sets of ponds, known as the West Pond and East Pond. During past operations, saline olive brine wastewater migrated from the ponds into underlying soil and groundwater. The previous groundwater monitoring consultant was not meeting reporting deadlines and the data provided to the lead agency, the Regional Water Quality Control Board, became problematic and was under scrutiny.

The City retained Provost & Pritchard staff to prepare semi-annual and annual groundwater monitoring reports for the East Pond. In the vicinity of the East Pond, there is a network of 18 groundwater monitoring wells. The well network includes 13 upper zone wells and seven deeper zone wells. Groundwater depths and samples are collected twice a year in conjunction with the adjacent West Pond monitoring well network that sits on a dairy.

Provost & Pritchard staff have been instrumental in getting the project back on track, meeting reporting deadlines, and providing quality data for the City’s submittals, virtually eliminating conflict with the Regional Water Quality Control Board.

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Since 2013


Lindsay, California


City of Lindsay, California


Groundwater Monitoring
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