Project Description

Environmental Documentation for Drought Solicitation Improvement Grant Program

The Drought Solicitation Improvement Grant (DSIG) project involved state funding of two essential but independent components: the North In-Lieu Project and the North Canal Pump-Back Project. Provost & Pritchard prepared the initial study and mitigated negative declaration to cover both components, including oversight and management of sub-consultants retained to prepare supporting biological and cultural technical reports. The North In-Lieu component comprised approximately 784 acres of existing farm lands consisting primarily of vineyards, orchards and truck/row crops.  These “in-lieu” parcels will benefit from the delivery of surface water for irrigation purposes from the proposed pipeline, turnouts with connections to existing grower wells and irrigation systems with associated appurtenances, boosters and filters. The NPB component involved the installation of up to two electric-powered pumps within the existing North Canal Check Structure.

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Kern County, California


Arvin-Edison Water Storage District


Environmental Compliance