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Environmental Assessment & Remedial Services

Provost & Pritchard is currently providing environmental assessment and remedial services for the City of Merced’s Designated Local Authority (former Redevelopment Agency) R Street site which encompasses two gasoline service stations and a Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) plume that has migrated over 1,500 feet down gradient. The project also includes assessment of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPHg) from gasoline and related compounds, and remediation from two larger releases. Project responsibilities include assisting the client with project funding management—including a Brownfield grant, data review, communication with the Regional Water Quality Control Board, preparation of a focused feasibility study, groundwater monitoring and reporting for more than 50 groundwater monitoring wells, and the preparation of the Final Remedial Plan and implementation of two ozone sparge remedial systems across the entire project site including 40 Soil Vapor Extraction wells and 50 ozone sparge points. Since being retained on the project, the concentrations of TPHg and MTBE have fallen by orders of magnitude and the site is nearing closure. In additional to the technical aspects of the project, Provost & Pritchard has provided litigation support and expert witness services in two MTBE cases.

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