Project Description

General Plan Update

The City of Fowler has initiated its first comprehensive update to the City’s General Plan in 40 years. The update includes a potential planning area expansion of 850 acres. This update satisfies legislative requirements for air quality, complete streets, fire hazards, military planning, environmental justice, and climate adaptation, among other issues. A vehicle miles traveled policy is also being considered.

Initial public workshops and stakeholder interviews have been conducted to receive public comment on the kind of community that Fowler wants to be in the future. The culmination of stakeholder interviews, public feedback, and existing conditions research was the Community Report and Vision document, which will guide the update process going forward.

As part of this effort, a General Plan Policy Audit Report has been completed to guide the update process. An Environmental Justice Policy Paper and a Climate Adaptation Policy Paper & Vulnerability Assessment have also been prepared in response to these latest legislative requirements for general plans and to inform policy decisions specific to these critical issues.

Additional public outreach is being conducted to identify land use alternatives for public consideration that will align with the vision for the community. An Alternatives Summary Report will be prepared for consideration and selection of a preferred land use scenario by decision-makers that will provide the foundation for Fowler’s growth over the next two decades.

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Ongoing (anticipated adoption in late 2022)


Fresno County, California


City of Fowler


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General Plan Update

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