Parrish Hansen Structural Engineers becomes a division of Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group

Press Release:  February 14, 2020

FRESNO, CA: The Clovis-based structural engineering firm of Parrish Hansen Structural Engineers (Parrish Hansen) has joined the engineering and consulting services firm of Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group.

“Bob Parrish and Jim Hansen are known for providing quality structural engineering services throughout the State, and we are thrilled to have Parrish Hansen join the Provost & Pritchard team to provide expanded services to meet our clients’ needs,“ said Ronnie Samuelian, President/CEO of Provost & Pritchard.

“We are not going anywhere! While continuing to serve our Parrish Hansen clients in the design and construction industries we are excited for the opportunity Provost & Pritchard has given us to join team efforts to establish an in-house structural engineering division expanding the company’s services on their various types of engineering projects. I believe this will be a win-win partnership,” said Robert Parrish of Parrish Hansen.

“Client relationships and quality service is the foundation of our business. With Provost & Pritchard we feel we have a partnership complimentary to both businesses while maintaining those long-term relationships that Parrish Hansen values so much,” said Jim Hansen of Parrish Hansen.

Parrish Hansen was founded by Robert Parrish in 1980 with the desire to meet the needs of the architectural and construction community. James Hansen joined the firm in 1983 and became a partner in 1991. Since its organization, the firm has developed an excellent reputation with the design and construction industries while maintaining a consistent staff of skilled personnel capable of providing quality engineering services. The firm is also currently licensed in Nevada and Oregon, but the majority of their projects have been located in California. Their experience includes government facilities, public and private schools, medical and hospital facilities, commercial office buildings, retail centers, multi-family housing, and custom homes.