Central Coast Irrigated Lands Program

Ag Order 4.0 will have a significant impact on growing operations on the Central Coast in the coming years. Ag Order 4.0 is complex; implementation and compliance may be difficult for growers.

There are new planning, monitoring, data gathering, and reporting requirements in this new permit. The Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board will assess whether each ranch is meeting permit targets and limits, and failure to meet permit targets and limits could, in turn, trigger increasing compliance requirements.

Provost & Pritchard staff has extensive experience working with agricultural clients and the Irrigated Lands Programs on the Central Coast and throughout the state of California. Our expertise involves administrative compliance, data management and reporting, as well as multiple aspects of in-field problem solving. Provost & Pritchard’s team of Ag. Order 4.0 experts currently assists over a dozen operations with more than 34,000 physical acres from Watsonville to Lompoc.

We work in many Central Coast cropping systems with over 20 different crops, including cauliflower, broccoli, lettuces, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, wine grapes, and other cool season vegetables, working with growers in all Groundwater Phases and Surface Water Priority Areas. Our team includes Professional Certified Soil Scientists, Certified Crop Advisors, and Agronomists.

Services Offered:

  • Agricultural Order 4.0 Guidance and Annual Water Quality Education
  • General Compliance Tracking and Assistance
  • Geotracker Management and Reporting
  • Impermeable Surface and Stormwater Assessments
  • Total Nitrogen Applied/Irrigation Nutrient Management Plan Summary Report Preparation and Submission
  • Compliance Review of Nitrogen Applied and Nitrogen Removed (A-R) and Nitrogen Applied metrics
  • Guidance on measuring Ranch irrigation volume and Evapotranspiration
  • Monthly ILP Newsletters with urgent items, important dates, and meeting summaries
  • GIS support and Soil Mapping
  • Farm Plan Updates, Records Checklists, and Organization
  • Hosting of digital Farm Plan Backflow Prevention Documentation
  • Documentation of Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board and Preservation Inc. meetings and decisions
  • Riparian Habitat Area Assessment, CEQA mitigation assistance and documentation, and Engineering sediment and stormwater basins
For More Information Contact
Heather Billing, QISP
Christopher D’Aiuto, CPSS, CCA
or D. Ryan Dodd, CPSS, CPAg, CCA, TSP
at ccilp@ppeng.com or (559) 449-2700.